Strategic Internet Marketing

Strategic Internet Marketing is about developing the internet marketing strategy that is going to give you the most success. There may be different ways to measure this success, it could simply be a direct return on investment – for example, you have spent £2000 in total on your website and have had £4000 worth of orders back. It might simply be measured by the number of visitors you are having to your website, as your product might be about raising awareness about a particular topic, or trying to develop a brand.

Something else you need to consider apart from how you measure your “success”, is choosing the battles you have a chance of winning. This is where the research element of our service becomes crucial. Do you want to get to the top of Google for a phrase that doesn’t bring you extra visitors or business? Do you want to be trying to get to the top of Google for a search phrase that is so competetive that it could take 12 months before you are getting anywhere near the first page? Do you want to be bidding on Google AdWords that cost £2.00 per click when your budget is only £4.00 per day?

All these questions need to be answered and part of our overall service is to help our clients develop an internet marketing strategy, with clear goals that can be measured, that are achievable, and that are worthwhile spending money on.

For more information on how we can help you with your online strategic internet marketing plan, please contact us.