Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing covers a multitude of different areas including Google AdWords, Social Networking Marketing, Blogs and Search Engine Optimisation.

Google AdWords allows you to compete instantly with any company of any size. It allows you to build adverts that are specifically worded to your audience, AND only show them to you audience when they are expressing an interest in your product (the adverts are triggered by certain keywords you have chosen). This means you hit your audience with the right message, at the exact time they were searching for your product or service. You have full control over the daily budget, the times the advert is shown, as well as where you would like your advert to show (for example within a certain radius of where you business is based).

Social Networking Marketing allows you to reach audiences with instant information, that is relevant to them, and important to your business. This might be a simple tweet on twitter, creating a new group on facebook, uploading a video to You Tube, asking for a recommendation on linked in, or promoting a cause on MySpace. Knowing how to use these powerful search engine marketing tools is vital to a successful social networking marketing campaign.

Blogs are a great way to communicate your personal message, or business message to the online community. Blogs can be linked up to Twitter and Facebook, to ensure that everytime you write a new blog, they appear in other areas of your online marketing campaign. You can also provide people with an RSS feed, which allows them to have a “live update” everytime you post something new about a product, service or information that is relevant to your business. Blogs are also a great way to keep the content fresh on your website, which is something Google prefers to see, (after all, how can a site that hasn’t changed in 18 months STILL be the most comprehensive website on a particular topic?).

Search Engine Optimisation is another aspect of search engine marketing, and one which can prove to be the most profitable. What would it be like to be at the very top of the naturally listed search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo? How much business / new enquires would you see by maintaining this position? Search engine optimisation can be brilliant for success of websites, as long as they are top for keywords and phrases that are actually being searched for. However, it is not JUST about being at the top of Google for a particular phrase, IF your website doesn’t engage your potential clients. Poor navigation, poor visuals and spelling mistakes can put people off your website in an instant, and the fact that you are at the top of Google will have very little relevance to them if your first impression has missed the mark.

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