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The great SEO experiment – SEO Lincolnshire

Sep 15th, 20101 Comment

Recently I was at a Search engine optimisation presentation, when the presenter inadvertently did two things.

Firstly he talked about how well ranked he was for SEO Lincolnshire, a search phrase I had considered but at the time dismissed. When I got home I checked up on the search term and discovered it actually had enough people searching for this service, to optimise our website for.

Secondly, he mentioned that after his presentation, I would be going back and trying to topple him from the first page position his site held on Google. So. I. Did.

And so begins the SEO Lincolnshire experiment. Will I be able to out rank a fellow professional for this term, especially as he has held this position for quite some time (and I haven’t even tried before now). Only time will time, but as the saying goes……GAME ON!

Great Success Story For Google AdWords and SEO

Jan 12th, 2010No Comments

Just read a great story about a company that has worked from home, yet still been able to achieve a turnover of £460,000 per year.

It also highlights the power of Google AdWords and SEO, as well as the importance of eventually learning how to do it yourself.

Read the full story here –

For me this highlights exactly why we offer Google AdWords Training as well as the Google AdWords Management. We realise the importance of understanding how to do your own campaigns correctly. Equally some people decide they just do not have the time and let us manage their entire Google AdWords campaigns.

Google Caffeine and Website Speed

Dec 23rd, 2009No Comments

With the imminent launch of the project Google caffeine – Google’s new search algorithym which is said to be twice as fast as the current search algorithym, your website loading speed could have a dramatic effect on your search engine rankings. Certainly Matt Cutts from Google suggested Google will be looking far more closely at this in the new year. So what can you do to make your website perform as quickly as possible? Our top 5 tips would be:

  1. Choose a great web hosting service with no downtime (or as little downtime as possible).
  2. Try to have as little javascript on the actual web page itself, ideally place the javascript all into one file and compress this file – this will enable the web page to load quicker.
  3. In the same vain as the javascript, try to place all your CSS files in the same files and compress these in the same manner as the javascript files.
  4. If you website has to use images, try to compress these files as small as possible, otherwise image overload could seriously slow down your website speed.
  5. Try to remove any unnecessary coding from the actual web page itself. If you have Google Analytics installed (or other analytics / tracking software), place this at the end of the web page coding (just before the </body> tag), rather than at the beginning of the coding.
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